Q. = I made an μετακομίσεις μεταφορές Αθήνα appointment for a hotel in Athens Greece form a listing of Athens hotels or Greek resorts a travel agent or a web website recommended to me. After arriving to my shock the hotel did not satisfy the criteria which was informed I will be getting. Instance there is no pool, no private WC, and also no tennis courts. Is the Athens hotel owner or Greek hotel owner liable?

A. = The duty in the direction of the customer is totally the organizer’s and/or the holiday company’s, that is to say the vacationer representative, where the consumer purchased the organized traveling plan, and this is also for the services that are not produced or supplied by the organizer as well as or travel agent straight, but by various other collaborating enterprises (instance, resorts, organized expeditions, transport solutions, etc). As a result be careful when reserving a Athens hotel from an internet website.

Q. = What is the procedure to schedule a room or an apartment or condo in one of the Athens hotels or in the Greek hotels generally?

A. = Clients must connect with the owner or monitoring of Athens hotels or Greek hotels and also make his booking request by phone or fax or email or by telegraph.

Q. = What is the usual treatment to make sure that a demand has been accepted?

A. = Within 3 days, proprietors or management of the Athens resorts or Greek resorts generally, who want your booking ought to send you an answer to let you understand if they accept the booking for renting any one of their rooms or homes requested by the consumers. Proprietors should address in composing or by telegraph or email or by fax mentioning that they approve the reservation requested by the clients.

Q. = I made a questions concerning a number of bookings I require in hotels in Athens Greece. What is a reasonable down payment one should spend for reservations in Athens resorts or in Greek resorts as a whole?
A. = The owners of Athens hotels or Greek resorts can ask an advance of as much as 25% of the total amount of cost of the stay for all the days scheduled. The down payment though should not be inferior to the rental fee of eventually. The appointment is considered complete with the settlement of the down payment that was determined as well as with the composed approval of the appointment by the hotel proprietor.

Q. = I made couple of reservations for various hotels in Athens
Greece. Can I cancel the appointments I created any kind of or several of the Athens hotels or normally Greek hotels?

A. = When one reserves rooms or homes part of a complex of any type of Athens hotels or Greek resorts, to be made use of for a predetermined amount of time as well as the spaces are utilized for component of the period, the customer has to compensate the Athens resort owner with half the cost that was concurred for the period that was not utilized by the client.

Q. = What if the customer educates in creating a minimum of 21 days prior to the reservation dates that he has changed his plans?
A. = If the consumer notifies in writing the proprietor of any kind of Athens resorts at least 21 days before the reservation days, after that the client is exempted from the payment he has to pay. The owner of any Athens hotels is required to return the down payment that was gathered.

Q. = Should we recognize that any appointment can be cancelled
21 days prior to the time of arrival as well as the clients are legible for full refund?

A. = Yes, this is appropriate.

Q. = I remained overnight in a hotel in Athens Greece. I actually liked this location as well as do not intend to leave this resort which is less costly than the various other Athens hotels or typically Greek resorts. Do I have to leave?

A. = The renting of Athens spaces or Athens apartment or condos part of a Greek hotel facility is considered to be for eventually only, unless otherwise agreed in between hotel owner and consumer.

Q. = Concerning hotels in Athens Greece or Greek resorts, at what time does one have to leave Athens resorts or typically Greek hotels to ensure that additional costs don’t happen?

A. = In the case that the Athens hotel owner or the customer intends to dissolve the lease contract, the customer is obliged to leave the Athens areas or Athens houses which become part of a Greek hotel complex not later than 12 o’clock midday. By staying in the areas or homes past 12 o’clock noontime and also not later than 18:00 o’clock the customer is required to share the rental fee. If the consumer stays in the premises after 18:00 o’clock, he is obliged to pay the lease for the entire day. If the customer denies paying the rental fee, after that the owner deserves to remove from the rooms or houses, the customer’s and his travel luggage as well as or personal belongings.

Q. = I made a couple of reservations for Athens hotels in Greece. I will certainly be arriving late in a few of them. Do I have to pay for the whole day for renting these Athens hotels or generally Greek hotels?

A. = The established day of arrival is calculated totally as for the lease, not taking into consideration the moment of arrival. So if you arrive state 1:00 am or any time, you will need to pay for the entire day. The day of separation is not calculated, unless the consumer does not leave the room. He ought to abandon the room not later than 12 o’clock noon.

Q. = After making a reservation from a checklist of Athens resorts in Athens Greece, at my surprise there was a mix-up … The owner of among the Athens resorts notifies me that I do not belong to remain at the particular Athens resort or Greek resort? What are my legal rights?

A. =. The Athens hotel proprietor owes to have the rooms or apartment or condos which are part of a Greek resort complicated, and which the client booked either through some sort of creating, telegraph, fax, or email or with a contract.

Q. = What takes place if the proprietor of one of the Athens hotels does not have the accommodation?

A. = If the owner does not have the accommodation which is reserved, the Athens hotel owner is required to make certain the clients’ remain in a various other Greek hotel of very same a minimum of class, in the exact same city, as well as with the very same conveniences and also conditions as those that are marketed for his own Athens hotel. Likewise in this situation, the proprietor of one of the Athens hotels owes to pay the expenditures of transportation and the difference in price that by any chance might exists between his own resort and also the various other one. If it is not possible to find an alternative resort, the owner is required to refund the consumer with the overall of rate of the stay for the whole period. It is forbidden for the proprietor of any type of Athens hotels or Greek hotels to approve a reservation from a team where more beds are required that the ones the hotel is certified for. If the owner accepts a booking for even more beds than what he is permitted, a demotion of the hotel category to an inferior course for one year may take place.

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