Password Protect Files in windows with Folder lock

When downloading the file lock program with a secret number you will get many features, including the default storage, can not appear encrypted files in the history of the device (the files you visit) and one of the most important features of the program that after the lock files cannot be opened only a password requested by the program, One of the hackers on the program can not remove the program at all except to put your password to remove, so it is impossible to open your files when downloading the program close files for the computer. The program gets full support by developers in order to increase the rate of strength of the program and improve performance and eliminate the problems And faults that appear in the program in each period.

Beside the most important feature in the file closure program is the closure of all files and folders that you want to close and protect from any tampering with the protection of the program is not only in the closure of files, but also in the non-scanning of files cannot anyone scan those files without having the password and Not known to anyone else but you are the only one who can rule in everything through and you will find that all your important files in the hands of safe hands deserve that Folder Lock

With this new version of the wonderful program Folder Lock will be safe from the hackers and tampering with your device and your files As well as your Drive closure can repeat completely blocked from intruders and hackers.

One of the most important features of the password lock program is that “Password” cannot delete the program from the device after entering the secret number / password you entered earlier and this gives you more security. Features of downloading the file lock program with a secret number: the ability to store the default and small size and light on the device. The program is characterized by a level of 256-bit encryption level not run by any other competitor. Full protection for files, DVDs, flash cards and cards. Folder lock can only be removed from your machine with your password. Encrypted files do not appear in the files you have visited in the device. Create virtual portfolios to fully protect highly confidential files such as credit card data.

Many of the features and features provided by the folder lock program have made it a leader in the field of file lock with a secret number.

  1. You can protect files on drives such as USB Flash, CD-RW, or DVD-RW.
  2. Reliable, secure protection, and no one will be able to remove the program or cancel the protection except by the password you specified.
  3. The software in the latest update comes with full support for the Windows 10 system.
  4. The program provides solutions to some of the problems that were shown in the previous versions.
  5. Folder Lock software gets periodic updates to improve performance and fix problems.
  6. Full protection for files, DVDs and flash drives
  7. Folder lock can be removed from your device with only your password
  8. Encrypted files do not appear in the files you have visited in the device
  9. Create virtual wallets for full protection of high-privacy files such as credit card data
  10. The program has 256-bit encryption level not run by any other competing program

Features and features provided by folder lock has made it a leader in encryption

Download Folder lock from with exclusive updates and add – ons program lock files

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