Novel overview – detail of Drama of AJ Cronin’s Hatter’s castle Novel

  1. subject matter

It was approximately a dictator guy who had destroyed his own family with his dictatorial way.

  1. foremost Characters

1) James Brodie: He become a dictator. He was a huge and powerful man, over six ft in peak. He had 3 children and one old mom. He had horrific conduct in treating the others, particularly his own family.

2) Mary Brodie: She was a quite woman of seventeen. She cherished her circle of relatives very a whole lot, The Vaping Rabbit but she hated his father’s behavior. She was the handiest person who dared to disobey his father.

three) Matthew Brodie: He became twenty-4 years old. He become thin and had a faded-face. He also hated his father, but he didn’t dare to disobey him till he had long gone to India. He have become courageous man.

four) Dr. Renwick: He become a young man and new medical doctor in Levenford. He had helped Mary to get a better existence. He also loved Mary very a good deal and in the end he married her.

five) Dennis Foyle: He become Mary’s boyfriend who had made Mary pregnant. He desired to marry Mary, however Mary’s father hated him and refused his desire. He had died on the teach coincidence.

three. Settings

1) setting of time: across the 12 months of 1879.

2) setting of place: Levenford (the Lowlands of Scotland).

  1. summary of The story

there has been Brodie’s family who lived in a massive fort in Levenford, Lowlands of Scotland. It changed into uncommon family. It turned into scared by means of its neighbours. It turned into due to the fact the father of the own family become very dictatorial. He become James Brodie. He had three kids and one old mom, grandma. He became very dictatorial and very proud of himself. He became continually pleased with his money and his domestic, the Hatter’s castle.

someday, there has been a mistake which were made by Brodie’s first daughter, Mary Brodie. She was pregnant, however he had now not married yet. She attempted to cover it, but subsequently her father knew it and threw her faraway from home. She did not know where to move, she almost sunk inside the river. Then her infant was born, but her toddler died because of this coincidence. on this coincidence Mary became helped by means of Dr. Renwick. His boyfriend did not recognise all approximately this. He turned into Dennis Foyle. He also died at the train coincidence at the same time his child died.

Then Matthew Brodie, the best son of Brodie, additionally left home to India to paintings with Sir John Latta. but, truly he did not want to do it. After few months, he came back domestic and turn out to be a drunker. His mother, Margaret Brodie, involved approximately his circumstance and then she got unwell. She got cancer and died. With this two injuries, James Brodie still did now not trade his manner. He become nonetheless impolite and impatient.

subsequently, his cherished daughter, Nessie Brodie, also died. She hanged herself because she was scare of being failed in winning the Latta Scholarship. She did no longer want to fulfill her father and decided to hang herself. at this time Mary had been lower back domestic and she or he turned into additionally helped by using Dr. Renwick. Then Mary left Brodie’s citadel and existence thankfully with Dr. Renwick.

at the end, Matt and Nancy, James’s new lady friend, went to the us. And there were simply James and Grandma who lived in Hatter’s castle.

  1. ethical Message

the ethical importance of the tale is that we can’t pressure a person else to do what we want, because perhaps it isn’t proper for us and for any individual else. We constantly should accept the others’ critiques and we cannot surrender to combat something bad, like a dictator.

The mental significance of the tale is that, on occasion we should undergo what we want to say and to do just to make every person around us happy. We can not give up to combat some thing terrible. We have to be more potent.

The social importance of the tale is that, we have to give admire to the others and always make anybody happy as should as we should. We lived in this world are not by myself. We usually want the others, in particular our own family. We can’t continue to exist with out their helps.

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