Monkey-Style Shaolin Kung Fu: Its Concepts And Exercise!

This short article views the Monkey’s devote Chinese History, Fighting Techinques and Qigong. Western views of the frequently relied upon outdated, ethnocentric, inaccurate 1800s perceptions of China still (wrongly) considered authoritative currently.

Serious mma fighters wanting to discover the agile anthropoid’s training, combat and health-preserving skills must discard such preconceptions. Inevitably, informed causes of Chinese Martial knowledge, instead of 1800s Eurocentric ignorance, supply the key insights learning Chinese kungfu in china.

I’m in financial trouble to Si Gung Rex Johnson and Grandmaster Yap Leong, my two Most Esteemed Teachers in over 4 decades of Fighting Techinques study, for inspiration, help and encouragement in this subject. Grandmaster Yap’s understanding of Chinese Fighting Techinques, Culture, Background and their inter-relation is really encyclopaedic and both were trained by contemporary world-famous Malaysian Grandmasters (1).

Tang, Sang and Ming

The most popular Western myth of the huge, effective, unstoppable monkey (King Kong) is rooted at the begining of Tang Empire Shaolin Temple activities. The Temple helped re-shape China’s future and introduced China and also the world to Shaolin Mahayana Buddhism and Kung Fu.

This incorporated the incredible achievements of Monk (and Monkey King/ Kung Fu expert) Xuanzhang (596-664 CE) described in fourteenth century Ming Empire novel ‘The Journey West’ by Wu Cheng En. This, the earth’s most widely used book, describes Xuanzhang’s adventures throughout his epic journeyings to Nepal and beyond in lively, humourous, fashion contrasting using the dispassionate formality of Tang Empire official historic records of the identical occasions.

During Ming (1368-1644 CE) occasions Monkey Kung Fu (Huoquan) was very popular and Shaolin-trained General Zhao Kuang Yin (later Emperor Taizu) earlier Sang Empire founder also practised Huoquan alongside his formidable Changquan (‘Longfist’) Kung Fu. Taizu is Tai Jo (Supreme Founder) of Changquan and 5 Ancestor Fist (Wu Tzu Quan). Each style have Sang Empire origins and incorporate important elements from the older (Monkey) style, via pre-Han Empire occasions.

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