Keyword Research – Process Art Or Science

Key word research is important because of the method people search the Internet with regard to solutions to their problems. A lot more problems; blogs and sites have solutions. Search engines work as matchmakers connecting those with the issues to those with solutions. Like a blogger or website owner we would like to be the “go to” location for people looking for solutions within our area of expertise. All searches start with a keyword or keyword phrase and if we wish to have our blog go through or our website found we have to anticipate what words or even phrases they will use in their own search query. Begin with determining where you want your searcher in order to land when they arrive at your website. Depending on how your site is actually organized it could be your home web page, a welcome page, the sales page or any one of several topical ointment category pages within your website.

The next step in this keyword investigation process is to develop your modele keyword list. This is initial draft and at this point we have been still talking process much more than science. In the army we had a saying regarding ideas… “Run it up the actual flagpole and see who salutes. ” That’s what you are performing with your prototype keyword listing. It’s your “best guess” as to what keywords your people will use to find your treatment for their problem. Now that you might have your short list of whatever you think, it’s time to notice what Google thinks. Search engines has provided a handy device to help with this step in the particular keyword research process. It can called keyword research database or perhaps Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Copy your own prototype keyword list in to the box provided in the Yahoo and google Keyword Tool. You can register as well as bypass the Captcha portal if you like. It’s free to use within either case.

Google’s keyword research tool is going to give you some useful information about the keywords you have chosen. Like the popularity of your keyword show up in the average number of monthly looks for a particular keyword. You will also to have assessment of the competition you will come across as well as the popularity trends over the 12 month period. Cards, for instance, will peak throughout February because of Valentine’s Day and also December will peak due to Christmas. Trends for the some other months will be relatively constant lower volumes for the rest of the entire year since birthdays occur arbitrarily throughout the year.

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