How to program Smart key

Nowadays, we live in the busy world, where time is money and sometimes we run so much with things, that we become a little forgetful, like forgetting the car keys inside! It is proven that people are increasingly experiencing the accident of leaving the keys in the car. Therefore, in this fabulous and entertaining content, we will give you the best steps to open the car quickly, without having to request the professional help of a locksmith Edinburgh.

Sometimes you may have experience that you have got up very early to go in your vehicle to work and what happened when you enter the key to open the car normally and turn it and nothing happens. Normally it may seem that at the beginning everything is correct, the radio and the interior lights start up. However, it may happen that you are going to turn the key more, but make it stop as if it were blocked. In no case will you be able to put the key in position II, so clearly we have a key case stuck in a vehicle.

Lock Steering Wheel:

This may have happened for many reasons but what you should know is that in this case it will be very difficult to start the car unless you try to fix it with the steps that we will explain below, since what should be correct is that to start the car you must reach the position “III”. If the steering wheel is unlocked and the radio is turned on and I can enter the car, it is that you have a battery, so we still have the problem of the key and the cylinder. You will find several users with the same problem as you in all types of brands and in several car models.

Repairing Lock System:

To repair the lock system loses the lever that fixes the position of the steering wheel to remove the plastic that is covering the area that does not allow us to reach the end of the position of the piece. Very carefully what you should do next is to remove the staples. For this, you can see a metal piece embedded and riveted with 3 points. What you should do next to solve the situation is to use a counterpunch, so you have to hit with a hammer of small size and a screwdriver with the fine and healthy tip so that this plate is released from the rest of the body.

The fourth step is that you move the piece until you can nail the tip in some small opening and lever, but very slowly so that the other pieces do not suffer collateral damage. The plaque will detach slightly and should be separated about 2-3 millimeters from the body, it is not necessary to remove it, because inside the spring and mechanism and perhaps cost to put it back the same.

In last, assemble all the pieces as you found them, since you may have managed to get the bowler fixed with the help of a pair of screwdrivers, a torx tip, a medium and thin clip, and a small hammer without paying money.

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