Are You a Design Driven Landscape Company? Introducing the Upward Spiral

In order to charge or not to cost for landscape design function? I absolutely LOVE this subject, unlike most landscape companies who would rather discuss the most recent model of skid steer instead of discuss charging design charges. As design/build professionals we have to charge for our design perform. I’ll explain why within a moment.

But first, let’s discuss two distinct types of scenery companies-“Design Driven” companies as well as “Sales Driven” companies. We define “Design Driven” businesses and landscape designers because those who put the design most of all. This is the company who aims to exceed the customers’ expectations by providing appropriate methods to the stated concerns and also problems. By “appropriate solutions”, I’m referring to solutions which are best for the CLIENT, not the organization.

“Sales Driven” companies are people who put THEMSELVES before the customer. These Las Vegas Landscaping and individuals offer solutions that help on their own more than their clients. These firms are not focused on providing surroundings design solutions as much as they may be on making a “back-end” purchase in the form of a construction/installation agreement. If your landscape design procedure is guided by what vegetation you have in inventory, components left over from previous tasks and the skill set of your panorama crew, then you are a product sales driven company. If this is a person, then I say keep on providing your design work aside. If you are in the minority along with consider yourself to be a style driven company, then continue reading.

Landscape design professionals are worthy of to be paid a fair charge for their design time, creativeness and expertise. Enough speak about how a design should be handled as a “Sales Tool” in addition to given away. Each time I listen to this, I just want to fly my head against among the many segmental retaining walls which dominate our landscapes. I actually consider there to be nine reasons why we must charge for the landscape design work, however in this article I will only include one concept which I make reference to as “The Upward Spiral”. I coined this phrase to describe the effect on a organization, or landscape designer, whenever a commitment is made to becoming design-driven. This commitment, plus the causing convergence of 4 aspects, all amplifying each other, produces a spiral upward.

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